International Peace Day observed at SOS Children’s Village Chittagong

To mark the International Peace Day a football match was held at SOS Children’s Village Chittagong on 21 September 2011 at 4.30 p.m. Our boys played the match divided by two teams named Lal Dal (Red Team) Vs Sobuz Dal (Green Team). Every one of the village were waited for the day. It was a most thrilling football match ever played here. There was actually an exciting and delighting condition among the children. They decorated the field nicely with flag and festoon. They had taken preparation for this match for long days. The referee and player entered the field in the nick of time- at 4.30 pm. The spectators cheered them from all corners of the field. When the players entered the field it was really nice and charming scenery. Mr. Md. Faizul Kabir, Project Director of SOS Children’s Village Chittagong inaugurated the match. The two captains came up, shook hands and tossed coin for position. Soon the referee’s whistle went off and the game started.

Nothing exciting happened for first 15 minutes. The ball went from player to player. The players were on tip-toe, now passing; now shooting and now running with the ball just along the border line. Then the both team attacked and counter attacked with each other. In 20 minutes of the game the youngest player of Red Team Abu Zahed scored one goal which was an excellent goal. There after the excitement rose to the pitch. In the midst of shouts the players of the Green team launched a vigorous attack. They changed their defensive tactics and intensified their forward pressure and just before the 1 minute of first half the Green Team player Bahar scored a goal and equalizes the match.

During the second half both team tried again and again to win the match. But the goal keeper of the both team took up the challenge of attack. The Red Team was more serious to score a goal and their attack came in succeed in 10 minutes of the second half. Red Team player Zubair gave a goal and they were leaded a goal and their joy knew no bounds. But they failed to keep this joy. After two minutes of the goal the Red Team threw a goal of their net for their wrong pass. Both of the team were equally strong. They played with patience and intelligence. Only one minute before the end of the game the Red Team put their last attempt to score a goal again and they were near to do it. But they were unlucky that the cross bar escaped Green and they failed to go ahead in the game. The game ended in a draw with 2 – 2 goals. Then the match was finalized through penalty kick. Both team kicked 5 penalties. The goal keeper of the Green Team Nasir saved the 3 penalties’ of the Red Team. But the Red Team keepers Sunny failed to save the goal. So, the Green Team won the game by three goals to nil. The referee gave the final whistle. All the players moved around the field with great cheers. It was in fact a competitive and enjoyable match. The spectators – our children, mothers and co-workers enjoyed every minute of the game. It was a neck to neck fighting which gave thrill to all spectators. After the match a prize giving ceremony and discussion were held. Mr. Md. Faizul Kabir, Project Director, SOS Children’s Village Chittagong distributed the Champion and Runner up trophy.

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