Report on "Pahela Baishakh" celebration in SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh

“Pahela Baishakh”, the biggest and most colorful festival and the first day of the Bangla year 1421, was celebrated in SOS Children's Villages in Bangladesh on 14 April with its customary fanfare and festivity. Children, mothers and co-workers gathered in the venues in SOS Children's Villages premises since morning wearing red and white colour based traditional dresses. The venues were decorated traditionally with festoons, replicas of animals, and other traditional symbols.  The most attractive part of the programme was cultural function where our children presented songs, recitation, dances, fashion shows, etc. based on Pahela Baishakh. Children were presented traditional fluits, "jhunjhuni", balloons as well as traditional sweets "Kodma", "Batasha", etc.  Some villages also arranged additional programs like "Kite flying Event", outing, etc. 


The day started with having breakfast with "Panta Bhat" (watered rice) with fried Hilsa fish, supplemented with potato and brinjal mash, pickles (achar), green chilies and onion and some sweet dishes also. Special dishes were arranged in houses also for lunch and dinner time.

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