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SOS Children's Village Bogura is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh. The Village is located at Baropur 7 kilometers away from Bogura city. It is connected by rail and road network. Bogura comes under the Rajshahi division and is a center of small and mid-sized industries. It is situated on the bank of Karatoa River, a tributary of the Jamuna river.

SOS Children's Village Bogura was established in the year 1995 on 5 acres of land acquired by the Government of Bangladesh. The place is a bit hilly and the buildings have been made and designed commensuration with land pattern. The Village has 10 family houses, community house, community centre, co-workers' quarters, social center and a college.




SOS Youth facility is the continuation of the SOS Children's Village model adapted to the needs of adolescents and young adults. The main object is to help and guide older boys in the process of preparing them through higher education and skill training for their quality integration into the society.

SOS Youth Youth House Bogura was established in a three storied rented building at Nishindara about 3 kilometer away from SOS Children's Village on January 2001.

SOS Social Centre Bogura was established in 1996, to provide humanitarian services to the under privileged women and children of the community around SOS Children's Village Bogura. Through Social Center we have been providing Day Care facilities for poor working mothers, free preventive treatment for poor women and children and skill training for the local poor women to generate family income. From September 2006 Social Centre launched a special programme named Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) for the vulnerable children who are at risk of losing parental care. Through this programme the organization is providing education, health, nutritional and medical support to the selected vulnerable children.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Bogura was established in 1996 to provide educational facilities to the children of SOS Children's Village Bogura and neighboring communities. Owing to the brilliant academic and co-curricular performances, this institution has already become prominent. That's why the people from far and near are inspired to send their children in this institution.


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