SOS Children's Village


The SOS Children's Village Rajshahi was established on 5 (five) acres of land donated by the Rajshahi Divisional Development Board at TerokhadiaunderRajpara Thana, Rajshahi with a view to render humanitarian help to the children who have lost their parental care and who are at risk of losing parental care.

The construction work was started in 1978. Fifteen Family houses were constructed to provide permanent shelter for 150 children at a time in SOS family.The Village has started functioning with Family Houses, Children and Mothers in 1979-"The International Year of the Children".

SOS Children's Village Rajshahi is divided into three wings. Five families live in every wing. Three wings have its individual name- one Flower wing, another River wing and third one is Bird Wing. Every family is guided by a mother and 8- 10 children are brought up under the care of each mother.




SOS Youth Village Rajshahi is situated in Rajshahi town near Shalbagan Bazar. This was built in 1994 on 0.86 acres of land. The Youth Village is located 04 kilometers away from the city centre Saheb Bazar and 2 Kilometers from the SOS Children's Village Rajshahi where 36 young boys can be accommodated.

SOS Social Centre Rajshahi was established in the premises of Children's Village in the year of 1979. This project played an important role on socio-economic development of the neighboring community and uplifting the living condition of disadvantaged families. SOS Social Centre has been rendering need based services through its Family Strengthening Programme, basic clinic, skill training, expanded programme on immunization (EPI) etc.



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Mr. Dr. Ekram Newaz Farazi

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SOS Children’s Village Rajshahi

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Mr. Rashal Mia

Deputy Director- Fund Development & Communications


SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh - National Office

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