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SOS Children's Village Khulna was established in the year 1982, situated at Gollamari in Khulna City Corporation. Khulna is a Divisional Headquarter situated at the south-west side of Bangladesh just on the Bank of Bay of Bengal. One third of its area is covered by the world heritage mangrove forest ‘Sundarbans’ in which world famous Royal Bengal Tiger and spotted deer live.

The SOS Children's Village Khulna was established in the year 1982 on the 8:00 acres of land, acquired by the government. This is the third SOS Children's Village in Bangladesh. The formal opening of SOS Children's Village Khulna was done by Prof. Hermann Gmeiner on 06 January 1982. SOS Children's Village Khulna consists of 16 family houses where 160 children can grow up with ancillary facilities. Children of SOS Children's Village Khulna are studying in different academic stages of schools, colleges, universities and vocational institutions. The objective of the project is to provide long term family based care for the children in need who lost their parental care and who are at risk of losing parental care.

SOS Youth House Khulna is situated at Khalishpur five km away from SOS Children’s Village Khulna. The house was purchased and renovated in 1995 where 36 young boys can be accommodated. The main objective is to help and guide them in the process of preparing through higher education and skill training and enabling to integrate into society as productive citizen.

Family Strengthening programmes are being carried out in different communities in surrounding areas of SOS Children’s Village Khulna. This programme is targeted primarily at socially and economically disadvantaged families in a crisis situation that could lead to the break-up family. We work with families and communities to support them to improve their ability to protect and care for their children, so that their children are able to grow within a care family environment.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Khulna is one of the best schools in Khulna city, which is situated in the SOS Children’s Village campus. The classes range from Preparatory-I to SSC and total 660 seats are available for the pupils from SOS Children's Village Khulna and the surrounding areas.

The agro-based training project - SOS Youth Village-cum-Training Centre in Bagerhat was established in the year 1993. Slow-learner boys from different SOS Children's Villages who have interest on gardening and farming take four-year comprehensive training on Agriculture. Alongside this training, they continue their education in nearby schools. Besides, Agro-farm Training Courses are offered every year for the poor youths of neighbouring community at free of charges so that they can be self-employed and become entrepreneurs.


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